What was once the Wilderness Systems tarpon 130 two person kayak is now the Perception Pescador 13.0T. At 13 feet long, 34 inches wide, weighing 69 lbs. and with a capacity of 550 lbs. this two person kayak is a great choice for paddlers to get on the water in a very well made kayak without breaking the bank.20151019_093214


Though most of the doubles made now a days do not offer a lot in the way of bells and whistles. The Pescador 13.0T does come with a few nice items and is very easy to add accessories to as well. The nose of the kayak has a small storage area with bungee for a dry bag or soft sided ice chest.20151110_105848
The Pescador 13.0T comes with integrated foot placements, a small personal storage hatch in front of each seat as well as a padded seatback.20151110_105857

There is also an area in front of the rear seat for a small third passenger or you can also add a third seat back and you can paddle this model solo from this postion.

Finally the Pescador 13.0T comes with a tank well for more storage. A lot of other brands do NOT have this option.20151110_105913

The main usage of this kayak for most people would be recreational paddling on either rivers, lakes or at the coast. What is nice is Perception has left quite a bit of room along the sides where rod holders and other accessories could be mounted if you wish. All and all this is a very nicely designed two person kayak with excellent durability and priced very affordable.

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