The Wilderness System Ride series has been around for close to 20 years now. Older Ride models are treasured kayaks and speak volumes to the durability of Wilderness made products. The Ride has also evolved this pontoon hull design with a more pronounced bottom and more volume in the sides making it one of the most stable platforms today with very high capacity.20151110_110148

20150228_143642 Currently there are 2 different lengths and several make up versions of both the Ride 115 and the Ride 135.WS_15_16_Ride_115_MAX_Dusk_Top


Lets take a minute and clear up what versions the Ride series comes in. The Ride 115 is the most base version of the kayak and comes with a low profile seat, The Ride 115 Max comes with the newest Phase 3 Airpro Max seat allowing for low or high or tilted back seating positions. The Ride 115X comes with the low profile seat but includes the removable console just behind the front hatch for electronics. The Ride 115X Max combines both the Max seat and the console. And then the angler versions come with fishing accessories like a rod holder.
The Ride 135 is available in 3 versions, the Ride 135, the Ride 135 Max and the Ride 135 Max Angler. These are the same set ups as the 115 models. There is not a 135x available at this time.

Both the Ride 115 and 135 are very similar but do offer some nice differences depending on what you are looking for in a kayak.
The Ride 115 is 11ft 6 inches long, 33 inches wide, weighs 79 lbs and has a capacity of 500 lbs. At its length the Ride 115 is a great choice for the paddler or angler looking for a super stable kayak with great tracking, not much glide, and offers the ability for higher seating or even standing. Its very much at home on rivers, lakes or down at the coast making it a very versatile kayak.20150228_143614

The Ride 135 is 13 ft 6 inches long, 31.5 inches wide, weighs 85 lbs and has a capacity of 550 lbs. Given its length the Ride 135 makes a great lake or coastal model with its improved tracking and a touch more glide. Though not a terrible river option, you might find some turns just too tight for this kayak.20151110_105937

Other the the differences in length and a bit in width, both the Ride 115 and 135 come with the same basic features. There is a large oval hatch in the front. Great for storing extra rods below deck or dry bags. There are also ropes on the inside to keep smaller bags and boxes from getting lost in the boat.20151110_110032

Both include new and improved non slip and wider foot pegs and round hatch in front of the seat for storing items you might want to get to repeatedly. Tracking on both sides for accessories like rod holders and camera holders. and then behind the seat a very nice sized storage area perfect for a milk crate, or cooler. Theres also plenty of room for adding flush mount rod holders or rocket launcher type rod holders. 20151110_105959


The Ride series are great kayaks for the paddler looking for greater stability over speed. If you fly fish, the Ride series and the Max seats make casting and sight casting so much easier. The Rides are prices quite nicely compared to some other models now a days and definitely worth a look.

Hope this was helpful and thank you.

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