The Wilderness Systems ATAK ( Advance Tactical Angling Kayak) or something close to that was introduced about mid summer 2014. Designed to be the Alpha kayak of the Wilderness line for coastal or lake fishing, this model is beastly. The ATAK is 14 ft 1 inch long, 34 inches wide, weighs 86 pounds and has a capacity of 550 lbs.20151019_093457

The ATAK has been designed to offer coastal and lake anglers a super stable platform, with plenty of carry space and multi ways to sit and stand. The deck is highly walkable and stable, yet remains nimble and stealth. The low-profile, wind-shedding hull will keep you on the water longer, and endless storage opportunities.

The ATAK starts with a large A shaped storage hatch and area that can be either dry storage or wet for catches. The lid is removable and the top of the lid has a strap for paddle placement if needed.20151019_09354120151109_111752


Right behind the A hatch is the Wilderness FlexPod removable console for storing your transducer and battery in the console and mounting a fish finder on top. This is also handy for bringing all your electronics in at night without unplugging or hooking cords. The area of the FlexPod is also were the new Motor Drive system can go and in the future the Pedal Drive system coming soon.

After the FlexPod the ATAK has a huge amount of space not for just standing, but with plenty of room to move around.

The ATAK also includes the AirPro Max Seating System which is one tracks so it can be moved back and forth to really so the paddler can get centered for better paddling.

Behind the seat is the tank well area offering plenty of room.

And along the back portion of the kayak is a rod pod hatch for storing extra rods and items below deck. There is also tracking on both sides of the hatch as well as on the hatch itself.20151019_09351020151109_111831



There are also a few other items that can be added to make the ATAK more user friendly like a stabilizer bar can be added toward the front so when you are standing, you have something to steady yourself with. And there is also a seat that can be raised over the AirPro Max seat to give the angler something to lean against when standing. Theres a good view of it on the following ATAK stability video.

If you are in the market for a new coast or lake kayak, check out the ATAK, it just might be your next boat.

Thank you for reading.

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