The Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 is 10 feet long 30.5 inches wide, weighs 55 lbs and has a capacity of 325 lbs. 080

The Tarpon 100 is part of the Wilderness Tarpon series of kayaks. This series offers 10 foot, 12 foot, 14 foot and 16 foot models. The Tarpon 100 is one of the best selling kayaks in the country and for very good reason. At 10 foot long and 30.5 inches wide the T100 offers the paddler a very nice stable and maneuverable kayak in an easy to load and unload package. The T100 is most at home as a river kayak for either paddlers or anglers, but will also do very nicely in certain areas of the coast. Given its size this kayak fits great in the back of a pick up or at 55 pounds is easier to load on top of a luggage rack or roof rack than some longer, heavier models.

The Tarpon 100 comes with a few great features right outta the gate. In 2015 the hatches were redone to make them water proof and to offer the addition of a storage bucket. Both the front and middle hatches have ropes on the inside so you can tight or hook dry bags or containers and not lose them on the inside of the kayak.

Also included is the Phase 2 AirPro sit on top seat, XL foot braces, side mount carry handles that also include bungee for paddle keepers on both sides of the kayak. A nice sized tank well comes with adjustable straps to allow the paddler to carry and secure items like ice chests, milk crates and tackle boxes.

The Tarpon 100 also includes the Wilderness Track System both in front of the paddling area and along the sides of the tank well making the Tarpon 100 very easy to accessorize for kayak anglers.


Since KK&C is located near the Guadalupe River we sell quite a few of the Tarpon 100 and I feel its a prefect kayak for this area. Given that the Medina and South Llano rivers and the Guadalupe and its lower areas are all very center to our area, the Tarpon 100 should get a good hard look for anyone looking for a great river paddling or fishing kayak.052





I hope you have found this helpful and feel free to contact us any time with any questions. Thank you

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