The Kayak Highlight series of posts will be specific focus on one particular model of kayak to give the reader a better understanding of that model and to be a tool when looking for your next kayak purchase.

The Wilderness Systems Thresher 140 is 14 ft 3 inches long, 29 inches wide, weighs 75 lbs and has a capacity of 400 lbs.

Designed to be a more serious option for coastal kayak anglers looking for a more paddling efficient model with greater tracking and glide. KK&C feels this model would also work for someone looking for a lake or even big river kayak were maneuverability was not a primary concern.

The Thresher comes standard with many new features like the very large A shaped hatch. On the inside there are scupper holes and stoppers to make this either a dry or wet storage, and the hatch cover itself can be removed if so desired. 20141107_102729



Right behind the A hatch is an electronic pod that allows for the transducer and battery to be stored inside the pod and a fish finder to be mounted on top. 20141107_102805

20141107_102817 (1)

Beginning late fall 2015 you can remove the pod and add a trolleying mount mount if desired and in Spring 2016 Wilderness will be introducing a pedal drive system that can be dropped in.

In the middle of the kayak they have added a rod pod hatch that allows storage of extra rods as well as out odds and ends you might have with you. The hatch cover as has a small piece of track on it for adding accessories and bungee for more storage. 20141107_102838


20151019_093339 (1)

Wilderness has also redesigned the tank well making it longer and a bit more square for easier milk crate storage. There also has been added straps as well as bungee for really getting gear secure. 20141107_102915

The Thresher also includes some features that are very familiar to fans of Wilderness. Tracks for accessories on the sides in front of the paddling position, on the hatch, and along the sides of the tank well. The Thresher comes with the newest Phase 3 Airpro seat, new XL footbraces and of course comes rudder ready.

So if you are looking for a kayak with tons of bells and whistles that tracks and glides with very little effort, the Thresher 140 just may be your next kayak.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope it was helpful.

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