We are a seasonal business and the hours we are open depend on the time of year. Even if the shop is closed, I can always be reached through my cell and am more than happy to open the shop for both buyers and lookers even on closed days. Its one the the nice things about living in a small town, shop and home aren’t that far apart.

From Christmas Eve 3pm till at least Valentine’s Day the shop is closed for Winter Break. After Valentine’s Day if the weather is still really bad, we might extend closure another week or two.

Once we are back from Winter Break we are closed Sunday and Monday and open Tuesday through Saturday 10am till 5pm. During this time we are getting ready for spring and summer and not allows at the shop, but again can always be reached by phone. Kerrville is small, so its very easy to stop what i am doing and head back to the shop.

During the week of Spring Break we are open all 9 days of the break. The shop is open as well as the Hourly Stand Location.

Depending on the weather and employees, we sometimes try and keep the Hourly Location open on weekends. Your best bet is to just call and find out.

Once May rolls around the shop is closed only on Mondays. Though with rental returns and appointments I send a lot of time here anyway. Also during the month of May we do have the Hourly Location open.

The end of May leads us right up to Memorial Weekend and the offical start of our season. The shop location is open 7 days a week usually 10am till 5pm on weekdays and 8am till 6 or 7pm on weekends. This year our Hourly Stand will be open 7 days a week from 12 noon till 7pm during the week and 9am till about 30 mins before dark on weekends. If theres a holiday that falls on a weekday we will be open weekend hours.

Starting September the shop closes on Sunday and the Hour Location is back to weekends only. We run these hours till Columbus Day weekend. After that the Hour Location is closed for the season and we’re back to being open Tuesday – Saturday.

If there are any questions please feel free to call me at 830-459-2122 anytime.

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