One of the questions we are asked a lot at the shop is should you buy or whats the difference between a sit on top kayak vs a cockpit style kayak.
First to dispell a myth or two. One type is not faster or slower than the other, one type is not more or less stable. If you have one of each type and they are the same length and width they will track and glide the same and they will have just about equal stability.
So why should I look at a cockpit or sit inside type of kayak? Basically it boils down to which region of the country you plan to paddle. I believe the cockpit kayak is a great choice further up north were colder air and water will make the protection of a cockpit very important. In Texas, its summer 10 months out of the year and a sit on top kayak makes far more sense. We also have lower level rivers and getting in and out of a sit on top is far easier than a sit inside. And even though its a small risk, its still a risk that you could on our lower rivers get pinned inside the cockpit kayak. If you flip in a sit on top, you literally just fall out of the kayak.
Cockpit kayaks are also cheaper to make than sit on tops. That’s a major reason we still see these kayaks for sell at the big box retailer. Those guys aren’t selling quality, they are selling quantity and the cheaper boat to sell is what they are after. Buyer Beware!!
Once again I hope this helps the reader and if you have any questions, please get in contact with us.

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